Anna Calvi secret gig at the George

After her sold out Troxy gig, Anna Calvi played a secret aftershow party at the George Tavern last weekend.  Yet another major artist loving the intimate atmosphere of the George, Calvi played a set of covers for around 100 very lucky fans.  Here’s what Gigwise had to say…. 

“Next up, Calvi performed an intimate stripped down gig down the road in the humble, crumbling charm of the wonderful George Tavern where around 100 fans clamoured together. It may have only been a few minutes walk away, but the quaint, soft light of the Grade II listed pub, seemed a million miles from the epic majesty of the Troxy. But it’s here where Calvi truly shines. 

With just a mic and her guitar, Calvi’s talent proves three-dimensional in turning this rustic boozer into the set of her own romantic epic. With a smattering of her own tracks thrown in with covers of Bowie’ ‘Sound And Vision’, TV On The Radio’s ‘Wolf Like Me’, ‘Foxy Lady’ by Jimi Hendrix and a Jeff Buckley classic or two, Calvi manipulates her guitar like it’s an extension of her body. 

Many artists fall down in such a scenario, but up close and personal, the microscope highlights the nuances and flourishes that make Calvi the rarest of talent. Whether in the dramatic grandeur of the Troxy or the romantic intimacy of The George, only a true artist like this can keep everything grounded – a magnificent centre in a world of extremes.” 




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