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If you haven’t signed, then please do so now! Here are just a few of the comments the petition has received! They give a great picture of what people are saying and the depth of feeling the proposals are generating!

We’ve just over 2,170 signatories as of time of writing, please get involved… only a few days to go.

“The gradual erosion of traditional East End culture is depressing enough (especially a well loved and still profitable part of that culture), but when it is for the short term greed of property developers, it is totally unacceptable.”
Clive Gibbins

“The George Tavern is one of those places that you are grateful for-grateful that a place of humanity and creativity exists in the plastic and franchised world we have increasingly to live in. Please. please may it continue and flourish, as it blazes light into a darkened world.”
Jonathan Nichols

“If it wasn’t for the George Tavern I would never have had the space or time to explore my art or music through my 20s. Best pub in London, plus the owner is a diamond.”
Steve Horry

“Either stop building homes next door to established bars/music venues, or stop upholding the complaints of those who move in next door to them and then complain about the “noise”. Areas become popular in part because of the local nightlife; to set up a situation where new residents will go on to complain about the very attractions that have given an area its cache, and prompt the closure of unique, historic, culturally valuable and irreplaceable venues is cynical and short-termist in the extreme. Please don’t allow this planning application to go ahead”
Gen Williams

“It’s a fantastic music venue and context should feature more heavily in planning applications.”
Tom Wade

“I’m a local home owner to the George Tavern. The reason I bought here was because of places like the George. In my 15 years living in London I’ve seen too many places like he George closed down or lose their licenses / have their opening hours stripped because of property developments (and the ensuing, inevitable complaints from the new tenants) This area is becoming extremely thin on the ground for places like the George, they are cultural assets and need protection.”
Josh Doherty.

“I visit London and the East End often. I tell all the people I know, to check out these historic venues. This is what makes London great and the most important music centre of the world. To destroy these venues will kill a wealth of dreams and will damage the wealth of the nation. In a tourist economy we must save these historic venues forever”.
Richard Ainsworth from New Mexico, USA.

This place puts East London on the map. Take it away and you take away a key factor in regenerating the area in the long term. This pub with its incredible heritage of famous gigs is a great asset to the area.”
Tabitha Stapely

“600 years of drinking, laughter and music musn’t be destroyed.”
Marie Radermacher from Germany.



  1. This 600 year Grade 2 listed building has survived 2 world wars. It is not only a great music venue, but also a London land mark which are becoming increasingly fewer and should be preserved as a reminder of how this part of London’s history once was,

  2. As more and more of our culture is eroded in the pursuit for profit a line has to be drawn somewhere. We revere country piles and old houses but not living, breathing history. Once something like this is gone it is gone and can never be recreated. We must have progress of course, but certain parts of London will become dead zones, which is to the detriment of both our culture and our economy.

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