Swan return with new appeal to Planning Inspectorate


The landlady of the George Tavern, Pauline Forster, has received notice on an appeal by Swan Housing for their proposed development on the plot adjacent to the established pub and grassroots music venue.

As with their two previous applications to the authorities, the developers have once again chosen the busy Christmas/New Year period to lodge an appeal. We’re at a loss as to why Swan’s lawyers like this time of the year so much? (…answers on a postcard please!)

In July this year the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Pauline and quashed the decision of the Planning Inspectorate, stating that the Inspector had not taken into account the impact of the development on Pauline’s location and filming business. Crucial to raising funds for the restoration of the Grade II listed building.

This appeal by Swan takes the process back to the Planning Inspectorate and a new inspector will be appointed to hear the case. While we’re by no means planning experts, we’re unsure of the legal tactics being employed here – the issue around light is a fundamental one to the originally proposed development which has been ruled on by the Court of Appeal. The issue hasn’t gone away…

However, what we are clear on is the additional financial burden and the stress on Pauline and her family that this appeal brings.

While we’re not currently collecting signatures for this campaign, you can help by visiting the George’s online shop and buying exclusive merchandise, including Save the George shirts and badges. All profits go to their legal fund which will help them continue the fight against inappropriate development and keep music live at the George Tavern.

This case also comes on top of another application for a residential development on the site of the office block adjacent to the venue’s garden and outdoor space. The George is currently receiving assistance from Music Venue Trust in responding to that particular case.



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