Learn French Phrases

The French language is a beautiful and enchanting set of words and phrases.  It is very impressive when you come across a non-native French speaker as it takes a lot to learn a foreign language.  There are approximately 80,000 true French words and being able to string them together and learn French phrases could bring so many benefits.  So how can you learn French phrases and are there any ways that are more effective than others?

A phrasebook contains many French phrases and they are often very cheap.  They are easily available and usually organized into handy sections.  This could help you on your travels, but it’s a bit slow if you constantly have to browse through your little book before you say something.  This can be very frustrating and the locals won’t think much of your attempts either.

What you really need to do is to learn French phrases and then recall them quickly in conversation.  This can make the difference between a clumsy tourist and a well-traveled individual.  It does wonders for your level of confidence and authenticity.

You can learn French phrases by repetition, but this method is a little … well…. repetitive, to say the least.  We all know that repetitions are boring and teach us nothing, a bit like doing lines at school – they’re boring, but you never really take any of it in.  They will eventually drain all concentration and leave you tired and lacking any passion for the subject matter.  These methods are best left alone and I would urge you to move on to something a little more 21st century.

What really works is a more fun and interactive approach.  If you find your current learning or memorization technique a little on the dull side, why not try something new and make the whole experience that much more enjoyable with an online course?  I would have to say there are definitely some advantages to be had with this method and you can do so cheaply as well.  They offer very good value for money and are well worth a look.

There are many great online resources and, in such a modern age, we should be using more of them to help us learn French phrases.  Having a French program on your computer where you can return to it every once in a while to keep things fresh and keep your motivation high is an ideal situation.  This helps to retain and enjoy French and keeps the fire burning.

The phrasebook really has no place in this modern society in which we are all so very well connected.  A few words and phrases could make all the difference and there are so many great resources around that could help us learn French phrases in no time at all.  There is no pain or difficulty involved in many of these and they represent great value for money indeed.